Andrew Sullivan adjusts pay meter for mobile

by Curtis Lee Fulton

Andrew Sullivan, superstar blogger for the Dish, reported that has adjusted his blog’s pay meter from seven free “read-ons” (complete article views) per 30 days to ten free article views per 60 days, in order to account for multiple device users:

What we didn’t fully account for is that a high percentage of readers consume the Dish on multiple devices (work PC, home PC, smartphone and/or tablet) and that each of these devices gets seven free read-ons, thus many readers got 14, 21 or even 28 free read-ons.

Sullivan reports that his meter is working. Subscriptions, running at $19.99/month, tapered off at the beginning March, when the meter was reset. Sullivan has already raised $611,000 $518,000 from a pre-subscription drive earlier this year and reported $93,000 from subscriptions sales in February. He plans to raise $900,000 for the year, in part to sponsor long-form journalism projects.