Study finds 75% or more of people access news daily

by Curtis Lee Fulton

At least 75% of or more of people access news daily, says multimedia producer David Campbell in his summary of his findings in the World Press Photo multimedia research project, supported by the Dutch Photographers Association. Campbell also found that:

  • Over the last two decades – and consistent throughout that period – American data shows people enjoy reading (51% say they enjoyed it a lot), and there has been no decrease in the number reading a book on a typical day (c. 30%). Now, though, the proportion (currently 20%) reading those books via electronic devices is growing
  • In Europe and the US there is a strong appetite for news, with 75% or more of people accessing news daily
  • International news is a topic of interest for 44%+ in Europe and the US
  • At least two-thirds of the 16-24 age group in Europe and the US are interested in news, so the future is not so bleak as sometimes feared.