Google ponies up for higher security-related bug bounties

by Curtis Lee Fulton

Google says it will pony up for higher security-related bug bounties. The company says it will now pay $7,500 for any bug that can cause “significant authentication bypasses / information leaks,” up from $5,000. Additionally, the company will pay $7,500 per bug related to, up from $3,133.7. Bugs for other “highly sensitive services” like Gmail and Google Wallet are now $5,000, up from $1,337. Other  properties are now $3,133.70 per bug, up from $500.

Google says it’s paid $828,000 in security bug bounties so far, under a program the company calls “vulnerability reward program.” Software companies are forced to pay bug bounties, as new bugs, so-called “zero-day” bugs, can be sold on the black market.