‘Is this the beginning of the end for The Oregonian?’

by Curtis Lee Fulton

Portland’s daily newspaper, The Oregonian, says it will be published by a new digitally-focused company called Oregonian Media Group starting October 1. The paper would like you to know that that the move is not the “beginning of the end” as spelled out in their FAQ.

The Oregonian’s web offering, oregonlive.com, is free. It has a free online facsimile of its print edition at MyDigitalO.com as well. Under the new structure, the paper says it will offer readers  “improved video functionality, a photo gallery redesign, homepage enhancements” and more mobile apps. It will continue to publish a daily print edition, although home delivery will be limited to Wednesday through Sunday.

One of America’s oldest media companies,  Advance Publications, owns The Oregonian. Advance was founded in 1922 and owns a dozen other newspapers as well as the magazine publisher Condé Nast. It also owns the news-sharing site reddit.com.

Advance has a venture arm run by Andrew Siegel. In an interview with venture capitalist Mark Suster last year, Siegel explained why Advance is investing in media startups: