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70% of US adults have broadband

Seventy percent of US adults have broadband, finds a new survey by the Pew Research Center. Ten percent of adults have no broadband, but do have Internet access via smart phone. Twenty percent of US adults have no broadband and no smartphone.

The Pew survey also found that broadband penetration was highest among college graduates, adults under 50 fifty years old and adults earning at least $50,000 per household. White adults living in urban or suburban areas also had high broadband adaption.


Google sends three-times the traffic to news sites than Facebook does

Google sends three-times the traffic to news site than Facebook does, finds “The Authority Report,” an editorial metrics report published by, a content performance  metrics provider.

According to the report, Google generated over 240 million page views for online content during the month of July, while Facebook mustered less than 80 million views.

However, Facebook was the clear leader in news traffic generation for social media. Twitter – a distant second, generated less than 30 million views for the same period.

Outbrain lead the pack for content discover services, generating over 50 million views in July. MSN was the top news aggregator, sending 16 million views to news sites. The Drudge Report was a close second, generating 14 million views. Reddit came in third, generating just over 8 million views.

The July “Authority Report” is the first edition from The company says it raised an additional five million dollars in a series A funding round today, which was led by Grotech Ventures. Blumberg Capital, Venture Capital, and FundersClub also participated. says it will use the funding to juice sales and marketing as well as boost their engineering projects. claims Atlantic Media, Ars Technica, Mashable, Meredith Publishing, Spin Media, and Talking Points Memo as current customers.

Top ten traffic sources according to's "The Authority Report"

Top ten traffic sources according to’s “The Authority Report”