BitTorrent tries to get legit with CDN-alternative ‘BitTorrent Bundle’

by Curtis Lee Fulton

Distributed piracy network BitTorrent says its trying to get legit with “BitTorrent Bundle,” a content distribution network (CDN) alternative.

CDNs, such as Akamai and EdgeCast, work by serving copies of content from lots of servers sprinkled throughout the globe. A CDN network makes downloads fast for consumers and relieves content providers from having to maintain their own server farms.

However, CDNs are expensive, and BitTorrent figures it can become a discount peer-to-peer provider.

BitTorrent is already the go-to service for people who want to steal movies and software online. The service works by harnessing every end-users’ computer and turning it into a cacheing server for other users. The result is fast downloads for users and a service that’s hard for authorities to shut down.

In theory, there’s no reason why BitTorrent’s network couldn’t be used for legitimate content as well.

Modern content services like Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify have made it easier than ever for consumers to download digital media legally. If BitTorrent proves cheap and reliable, it could save content producers from forking over serious CDN money.