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Majority of Canadians read newspapers, either print or digital

Close to 80% of Canada’s population  reads a newspaper at least once a week, in either print or digital form, finds a study by NADbank, a Canadian news industry research organization.

The study found that weekly readership is highest in Halifax at 84%, Winnipeg at 83% and Montreal at 80%.

Weekly digital readership ranges from 29% to 39% in Canada. Halifax is the top digital news market, followed by Winnipeg, Montreal and London.

Up to 60% of Canadians read newspapers every day, with print still winning as the primary source. Total weekly readership across all news platforms has reached 10 million for the first time in Canada.

Daily and weekly newspaper readership according to new study by NADbank


Wikipedia bans 250 contributors after suspicion of ‘sockpuppetry’

Sue Gardner, executive director of Wikimedia Foundation, the backer of Wikipedia, says the foundation has “blocked or banned more than 250 user accounts” after it suspected the contributors were engaging in “sockpuppetry,” which the encyclopedia defines as using an “online identity used for purposes of deception.”

Gardner says that Wikipedia editors have “expressed shock and dismay”  to learn that contributors “may have been paid to write articles on Wikipedia promoting organizations or products” a practice that violates “numerous site policies and guidelines.”

Gardner says the encyclopedia editors are doing “difficult, painstaking work of trying to figure out what’s happening here….. we are currently assessing all the options at our disposal. We will have more to say in the coming weeks.”